Thousands of bees swarm on BMW and refuse to budge as crowd watches on

An incredible video shows thousands of bees descend on a BMW parked outside an office block while people watch them in amazement.

In the clip, the swarm of bees, who appear to have expensive taste, smother the entire back window of the car in Manchester's St James Square.

Crowds gathered to watch the spectacle shortly after midday on Tuesday (June 15) Manchester Evening News reports.

A beekeeper arrived at the scene and could be seen attempting to get the hive into a cardboard box.

The owner of the BMW is reportedly yet to return to their car, which is probably for the best.

Michael Hewitt, 55, had been returning from his lunch break when he noticed a "commotion" outside his office building.

He told MEN: "There were a lot of people outside and the bees were quite airborne then.

"I think the queen had landed on the car and then all the other bees followed.

"There were easily thousands of them. There have been lots of people watching."

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He added: "There is a beekeeper at the moment trying to get them all into a box which is hilarious.

"There are still at least a thousand on the car outside at the moment."

This comes after reports the recent hot weather could lead to 20,000-strong swarms of angry bees flying around in the UK.

Beekeeper Daniel Thomas said a swarm can look like "horror movie stuff" but said the bees are not usually aggressive, although you should not approach them.

He said: "The main thing is don’t panic. Just call a beekeeper – that’s all you need to do.

"They’re not trying to sting you or do anything to you.

"All they’re looking for is a home. When bees are in a swarm there’s nothing really for them to protect – only themselves."

The honeybees naturally swarm when they outgrow their current hive and it usually happens on a hot day in summer after a period of bad weather.

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