Three shootings in two months at Winnipeg home leave family traumatized

Three shootings over the last two months have left a Winnipeg family traumatized.

“Ruth” – whose real name is being concealed to protect her identity – told 680 CJOB her Weston-area home has been repeatedly torn up by bullets, and she’s not sure why.

She said the shootings have caused about $10,000 of damage, although no one has been injured yet. The siding, storm door, inside door and multiple windows in the house were all damaged by gunshots.

Not surprisingly, everyone who lives in the house is on edge, especially Ruth’s eight-year-old grandson, who was sleeping over during one of the incidents.

“The big thing is my grandson – he could have been killed. The pellets went right into my hallway. He’s traumatized.”

“I’m not scared to be in the house, but I’m scared to hear that (gunshot) noise again,” Ruth said.

Ruth said as a result of the incidents, she’s also run into insurance trouble.

“My insurance will cover it, but they’ve also informed me they won’t be renewing with me because of the two claims and the nature of the claims.”

She said police told her they suspect her adult son, who lives with her, may be the target.

While she admits her son was involved with some ‘questionable’ people, Ruth said his involvement in that kind of behaviour was over 15 years ago.

In January, Winnipeg police said investigators with the Major Crimes Unit believe the shootings are related, and may have gang connections.

A Winnipeg police spokesperson told 680 CJOB on Friday that it’s very rare for such shootings to be random, although it is possible this could be a case of mistaken identity.

In addition to repairing the damage caused by the incidents, Ruth said the family has increased security measures out of fear the shootings aren’t over.

“We’ve put up three cameras and we leave all our lights on outside so that the yard is lit up. My son gets a note on his phone if a car drives by… it’s just awful.”

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