Thug attacked new mum, ripping open her C-section scar

A drug addict has been jailed for a series of his vicious cowardly attacks on his girlfriend, including one just days after she had given birth to their child.

Charlene McGill was tending to their newborn when Adam Gallagher, 35, pushed her, causing her C-section stitches to burst open and blood to pour from the wound.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard the sickening assault was just one of a number of attacks Gallagher carried out on her between 2018 and 2020 at properties in Johnstone and Paisley.

Other vile incidents included punching her on the head so hard she saw flashes of light, biting her on the head and body, poking her in the eyes, and launching a flurry of punches on her while screaming and swearing at her, the Daily Record reports.

When he was eventually arrested and remanded in custody, he even contacted her from jail trying to get her to change her story so he could be set free. Their relationship has now ended.

Gallagher has now been given a two year prison sentence after pleading guilty to two charges of assault, two of domestic abuse and one of abuse.

On his release from jail, he will be closely watched by the authorities for another 12 months under a supervisory release order.

Sheriff James Spy told the court: “With regard to your record and the nature of the offence, a custodial sentence is inevitable here.”

He also ordered the thug to get help to address his “drugs, alcohol, mental health and domestic violence issues”.

Defence agent Charlie McCusker said Gallagher was wracked with guilt over what he had done.

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He said: “He has always accepted that what he did was wrong and he still knows he has done wrong.

“He does give an explanation that it was his alcohol and drugs problem, so he does have an awareness of what he was doing was wrong. He also understands the only option before your Lordship is to hand him a custodial sentence.”

Mr McCusker said Gallagher, who was blighted by a difficult upbringing, would benefit from supervision in the community when he is released from jail.

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