TikTokers scream as ‘Starlink satellite debris’ streak across sky like a meteor

A video shows a TikToker panicking as they watch a "Starlink satellite" breaking up in the night skies above them as they party with pals on a beach.

In the clip, uploaded by Nicky Beezer @nickybeezer filmed at Nobu Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, people are screaming at pointing at the sky.

A distant silvery object is getting closer and, as it soars above their heads, you can see it is fragmented pieces of what could be a meteor or metallic structure.

"What the f*** is that?" says a man, over and over again.

A woman says: "What is it, what is it?" and then laughs when it passes overhead and out of sight.

The video has been watched more than 4 million times since it was uploaded on February 4 and people were split on what it might be, although a NASA employee had a plausible answer.

Astrobiologist Lena Vincent said: "That is almost certainly one of the @SpaceX Starlink satellites that didn't make it to their proper orbit because of a geomagnetic storm!"

Someone else commented: "Imagine being drunk out of your mind at a Mexican beach and you see this in the sky."

A third user wrote: "Their reaction is so warranted, I saw this last summer and LOST MY MIND! What a crazy experience. Turned out to be Starlink ahaha."

Pretending to be an alien, another user joked: "Yeah, so anyways this is Earth, don’t even bother it’s so ghetto over there."

Meanwhile, a conspiracy theorist said: "The veil is gone the veil that keeps the spirit realm and our realm separated you can now see other things of this world."

The Starlink satellite project was launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX and it provides internet connection even in remote locations for tasks like video calls, streaming, and even online gaming.

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