TikTok’s ‘most famous dogs’ have hilarious reaction to owner not stroking them

Two adorable dogs have been filmed giving their owners a "death stare" after seeing her walking past without petting them.

Skye and Copper, branded TikTok's "most famous dogs" with more than 2.2 million followers, tried to act cute when they saw mum Yasmin returning home.

In the clip viewed more than 1.1 million times, the two Klee Kai sit on the windowsill cushion, eagerly anticipating their owner to stop by for a pet on the head.

Copper puts up a killer pose with his back lying on the mustard yellow cushion and both hands up.

His sister Skye is like an elegant lady sitting quietly with her paws crossed.

They look up at Yasmin in a bid to catch her attention but hilariously, she walks past and completely ignores them.

Copper quickly gets up and sits next to Skye, letting out some aggressive yowl as if he is making a complaint.

The narratives in the video joked the dogs got angry and suspicious of their mum "cheating" on them.

Viewers laughed and said Skye looked like she was ready for an argument.

Some commented on Skye and Copper's posture and said they can see the two characters in the dogs.

Dad Kieran, 31, told Daily Star that the dogs were upset when they stood up on the windowsill and saw Yasmin petting the neighbour's dog on the street.

But he revealed that it was a set up to create the impression of the dogs getting angry.

He said: "So with the sound trending, it gave us the idea to do a parody of what had happened earlier that day.

"Copper is usually very chill, he likes to sleep on his back. For the video, we propped him on some pillows to emphasise his mood change from chill to upset when mom ignores him.

"Copper is especially needy so he would be confused if we walked past without giving him some attention. Skye is more chill about life and more independent."

Kieran also explained that people easily often Klee Kai with a husky because of the similarities in the looks.

"The biggest difference is the size – Alaskan Klee Kai come in three sizes – standard, miniature and toy. Skye and Copper are toy size and they only weigh 5kg each," he added.

"They are more shy and skittish than Siberian huskies, who tend to be more confident and sociable. However, like Huskies, they've got a high prey drive, they shed a lot and they're vocal."

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