Tinder date’s horror injuries after plunging 14 floors from balcony

In the early hours of August 8, 2014, police discovered the body of a young woman at the base of Avalon Apartments, on Australia's Gold Coast.

The woman, who was later identified as Warriena Wright, was just 26-year-old when she fell 14 stories to her death.

Shortly before her death, Wright had met a man named Gable Tostee on the popular dating app, Tinder and had arranged to meet at his apartment on level 14 in the Avalon Apartments complex for a hookup.

Tostee had a very strange obsession with recording all of his encounters with women that he met with his phone and hidden cameras around his apartment.

It was one of these recordings that became his downfall as it later exposed how he was responsible for her death.

Within 24 hours after her fall, the 28-year-old was charged with the murder of the young woman from New Zealand despite evidence showing that he was inside his apartment with the door to the balcony closed at the time.

However, one of the recordings was extracted from his mobile phone was a recording spanning almost 200 minutes of a panic-stricken Tostee ringing his father and telling him: "Me and her had sex and it was like, the more that she drank, she just got more violent for some reason.

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"I can’t remember what I did but I absolutely did not throw her off my balcony. I would never do anything like that."

According to police analysis, the recording reveals hitting sounds and rocks possibly being thrown, a male voice complaining of being beaten up, a woman boasting of being a "ninja" and telling him to untie her because she will break his jaw.

The recording reveals the woman accusing the man of stealing her phone, to which he replied: "I should never have given you so much to drink. I thought that we were going to have fun. I am the one who is injured and you don’t have a goddamn scratch on you.

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"I thought you were kidding and I have taken enough. This is f****** bullshit. You are lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony, you goddamn psycho little bitch. You are not my kind of girl. That is enough. You have worn out your welcome. You have to leave."

The court also heard he restrained her after she threw a small decorative rock at him, which was later found by forensics to be covered in a smudge of his blood.

Tostee then told Wright: "You’re lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony, you goddamn little psycho bitch."

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Therefore, it was clear that some form of altercation took place shortly before her death.

The Police allege that Ms Wright had been the victim of assault, was in fear of her life and trying to flee Mr Tostee when she fell.

Neighbours have testified hearing Wright’s cries and seeing her legs dangling from above as she tried to climb over the railing before she fell, ricocheting off balconies below.

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The police then alleged that Tostee was responsible even though he didn’t push or throw Ms Wright and wasn’t even on the balcony when she fell.

In 2016, Gable Tostee has been found not guilty of the murder or manslaughter of his Tinder date after four days of deliberation by the jury.

Tostee did not comment regarding the verdict as he left the supreme court in Brisbane but stood in silence next to his lawyer, who said his client was "looking forward to moving on with his life".

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