Touching way Prince William ensures kids remember estranged uncle Harry spotted

Prince William was spotted giving a subtle nod to his estranged brother Prince Harry in the halls of Kensington Palace.

In the days after the Coronation of King Charles earlier this month, a slick behind-the-scenes social media video was released featuring William, Kate and their three children at the historic event.

It was made by top director Will Warr, and featured the family in a more relaxed fashion off camera than in front of the world's watching billions.

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And during the film, a laughing Princess Charlotte is shown running through the living room of Kensington Palace.

For a brief second, a glimpse of an old family photo was seen – and it could be a way of keeping estranged Uncle Harry in the minds of the children.

According to Tatler, the photo is a black and white image of the-late Princess Diana with teenager versions of William and Harry.

The image was actually used as the cover of Princess Diana's 1995 Christmas card to family and friends and was given just one year before divorcing King Charles.

It was two years prior to her untimely death.

The image shows the boys either side of their mother, with Harry's head resting on her shoulders.

Despite the possible sign of an olive branch, Royal biographer Tina Brown doubts there will be any reconciliation between the two brothers.

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She told LBC's Andrew Marr earlier this month: “They are totally estranged. I do not think there will be any contact between them at the Coronation. I think that their relationship right now is on absolute ice.

“The longer Harry dwells on what happened in his life, the more he feels resentment against William, because he feels, I think, that William was even more calculated, essentially, in making him number two, making him the spare, and feel like the spare at all times.

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"So, there's no contact between them, I'm told. I think Charles wants to have some kind of rapprochement.

"But I think it's going to take years.

"It never happened between George VI and the Duke of Windsor, it just got worse."

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