Tragic misfortunes of beauty queens – deadly bum transplant to sex slave sting

The tragic death of 30-year-old Miss USA Cheslie Kryst has sent shockwaves around the world and made her the latest beauty star to lose it all in a harrowing trend of disaster, scandal and misery.

Cheslie, who has crowned Miss USA in 2019, was understood to have been alone at the time she jumped from her flat and is said to have left a note on Sunday morning, stating she was leaving all her belongings to her mother.

Tragically, Cheslie's death is not the first time that a beauty star has seen their life unravel after winning a coveted award.

Over the years there have been countless examples of similar models experiencing misfortune either at someone else's hand or their own.

These are some of the darkest things that have befallen models with the world at their feet.

The tragic death of Monica Spears

2004's Miss Venezuela was Monica Spears who came 4th place in the annual Miss Universe competition.

After the competition, Monica became a household name in Venezuela and appeared on a host of TV programs and soap operas in the country.

However, her life would tragically be cut short when in 2014 she and her ex-husband were targeted by criminals.

During the attempted robbery in Venezuela, Monica and her ex were shot and killed while their daughter was injured.

The brutal murder of Irene Garza

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Back in 1958, Irene Garza was a local celebrity fresh off her triumph in the Miss South Texas Competition.

But tragically, two years later she would briefly become the most famous young woman in America after her dead body was found in a canal.

Chillingly, passersby had been alerted to the location of Irene's body by a high-heeled shoe that lay on the road.

Next to the 25-year-old's body, officers found the belongings of Father John Feit who was subsequently arrested on separate charges and confessed to hearing her confession on the night she died.

Her family would later confirm that she had worn the shoes to confession on the same night.

In 2002, a different Catholic priest told the police that Father Feit had confessed to suffocating Irene with a plastic bag – however, he never officially faced murder charges.

In 2017, 57 years after Irene's murder, John Freit was finally found guilty of his savage crime.

A jury had initially asked for a 57-year sentence that would be symbolic of the time passed since the murder but Feit was instead sentenced to life imprisonment.

Then 83 years old, he would only last two years of his sentence before dying behind bars.

Joy McKinney and the manacled Mormon

Former Miss Wyoming World 1973 Joy McKinney was desperately unlucky in love and allegedly travelled thousands of miles to kidnap her ex-lover before making him her sex slave.

The saga began when McKinney, 25, met macho 6ft 4ins Mormon Kirk Anderson, 19, at a drama class in Utah, US.

The story goes that they had a passionate affair until guilt-stricken Anderson went to a bishop for advice and the church arranged for him to move to the UK to get away from her buxom clutches.

McKinney then apparently hired a private detective to find him and eventually had him right where she wanted him.

While he was handcuffed to a bed in a Devon cottage, McKinney repeatedly had sex with Anderson, vowing to do so until she became pregnant.

When Anderson eventually promised to marry her, he was apparently freed from his chains and fled.

McKinney was arrested and charged with kidnap because, at that time, there was no provision in law for a woman raping a man.

She told Epsom magistrates in 1977 that she loved Anderson and that the sex was consensual.

She said: "I don't have to beg for boys' services. I was Miss Wyoming. When I made love with this sexy tiger I adored, I gave him the whole works."

Anderson – who became known as the "manacled Mormon" – told the court: “I didn’t wish it to happen. I was extremely depressed and upset after being forced to have sex.”

Initially remanded in custody, after three months McKinney was released on bail on the grounds of her mental health and fled to Canada on a false passport, pretending to be a nun.

The deadly bum transplant of Solange Magnano

1994's Miss Argentina Solange Malango's life served as a tragic reminder of the fallibility of beauty.

After exploding to fame in the 1990s, Solange became obsessed with extending the shelf life of her natural looks and turned to body modification treatments.

In 2009, a now 38 Solange opted to have a buttock transplant with tragic consequences.

Unfortunately, part of the liquid that was injected into her bum made its way into her lungs and brain and eventually killed her.

Speaking after her death, friend and fashion designer Roberto Piazza said: "Solange was a girl who had everything. She lived the life of a goddess, she was the envy of everybody.

"Now she is dead because she wanted a slightly firmer behind.

"She died because of her obsession with beauty."

Meghan Alt's child abuse shame

2014s Mrs. Orange County Meghan Alt had a short-lived time at the top as she was arrested just a year later on the charge of creating and distributing child abuse pictures of a four-year-old girl.

Alt had sent pornographic images of the four-year-old to a Southern California-stationed Marine, which were found by Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigators.

She claimed that she sent the sexually explicit images to the Marine 'in exchange for cash and gifts'.

As a result of her crime, Alt was sentenced to three years’ probation and 300 days in county jail.

She was also required to undergo treatment for child abusers.

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