‘Trophy hunter’ shoots dead pig before dogs rip it to shreds in disturbing clip

This is the disturbing moment a hunter shot dead a wild pig before a pack of dogs tore chunks out of it.

The clip begins with a wild pig being chased by the dogs to where the hunter is perching on the back of a truck.

When the creature gets into shooting distance, the man fires his gun and kills it instantly with a shot to the head.

The bloodthirsty pack of dogs then start savaging the creature as the hunter gets his breath back.

While it is not clear where or when the footage was taken, it has garnered more than 1.37million viewers since being posted by animal rights activist David Sting at the end of January.

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“Do you think a real man should hunt and kill these animals?” he asked on Twitter.

“Do you think hunting like this is a sport? See this hunter so proud of killing this poor wild pig using a sniper rifle and his dogs while he filming.

“RIP poor pig I feel sorry for you. RT if you are against trophy hunting.”

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Most viewers agreed with David’s viewers, with one person slamming “bored mindless monsters” that hunt for sport.

“Everything about this is horrific,” they said.

Another commented: “These hogs are fierce. It’s too bad that this one didn’t make it before getting the man with the rifle.”

But gun rights advocates supported the actions of the man, pointing out that “feral hogs” such as the one killed can destroy farmland.

“They endanger peoples’ livelihood,” one wrote. “This isn’t trophy hunting, and you’re out of touch.”

A second agreed, adding: “Wild boars are a huge problem in Texas.

“They ruin crops, attack livestock, and in some rare cases have seriously injured humans.

“The population is out of control and the state has allowed them to be hunted en masse as a solution.”

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