TV newsreader announces ‘death of William Shakespeare’ in embarrassing mix-up

William Shakespeare, 81, passed away peacefully at the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire earlier this month.

Among his many achievements Bill, as his family knew him, was the first man and only the second person in the world to be immunised against Covid-19 with the pioneering Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

But by the time the report of Bill’s demise reached Argentina, something was lost in translation.

In what fans of that other William Shakespeare might describe as “a comedy of errors” Noelia Novillo, a newsreader on Argentinean TV network Canal 26 reported that William Shakespeare, “one of the most important writers in the English language”, had died five months after getting his Covid jab.

“We’ve got news that has stunned all of us given the greatness of this man,” she said.

“We’re talking about William Shakespeare and his death. We’ll let you know how and why it happened.”

Unsurprisingly, clips of the hilarious error were going viral on Spanish-speaking social media before Noelia’s 8-10pm broadcast was even finished.

She later blamed the embarrassing slip on a badly-punctuated autocue: “Over the past few hours, as I’m sure you will have seen, a report has gone viral,” she said.

“I actually knew what I was saying to people, just like I always do,” added. “I expressed myself badly; I missed out a full stop, a comma, some brackets.

"I wanted to clear up something that was very unclear and of course people misinterpreted it.”

Unfortunately for her, people were enjoying the misinterpretation too much to stop.

“Let us not weep for William Shakespeare,” one Twitter user wrote, philosophically. “He lived his life and enjoyed people’s affection for centuries.”

Another playful social media user pointed out: “Such a fuss over William Shakespeare’s death, but they didn’t mention that he was in such a bad way that he hadn’t produced a hit in centuries.


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