Twitch star tracked by terrifying stalker who pinpointed location from one image

A Twitch streamer has issued a terrifying warning to other content creators about protecting their private lives online.

California-based Twitch streamer Sapharic recently took to Twitter to post about the dangers of giving away images of your home online.

Speaking about a harrowing 2019 event, she told content creators new to the game: “Don’t post ANY pictures of the environment near or at your house.

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“Someone found my EXACT address from a backyard picture back in 2019 that showed maybe 15% of the backyard.”

She added: “People are weird and can find you if they want – if you’re not careful. Be safe.”

Speaking to The Daily Star, the 23-year-old said: “Looking back at it, I can see how naïve I was and I was lucky that the person seemed to not have malicious intent.

“This happened back when I had just started streaming on Twitch so I had a pretty small community, and the person who found my address was one of those members.”

Describing her experience, she said she received a chilling message: “I remember them just reaching out to me one day and saying, ‘I was up late last night and bored. I went on Google Maps and was able to find your house on there!’”

It was the easy tone of it that got to her: “They said it so… nonchalantly, I was taken aback. I just responded something like ‘What the heck…really?’ not fully believing them.

“Upon my response, they sent me a Google Maps view of the house I lived in at the time, then explained how they found my location.

“It was from a picture I had posted in my backyard, it was a reflection of me taking a selfie on the sliding glass door. The backyard was a distorted and reflected image of a tiny percentage of my backyard. still, the person was able to find me that way.

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“Luckily, nothing else really happened with it…I laughed it off to not try and trigger them or make them angry or seem like I was bothered because I wasn’t sure what to do and luckily they never seemed to do anything with that information and kind of just eventually disappeared.

“I definitely got lucky because it could have been way worse. at the most it scared me and just made me extremely cautious of what I post now.”

She said she posted the message now after all these years because: “I was scrolling my Twitter feed and was just realising how many photos people take outside near their homes or in their homes and apartments where I can see outside their windows into their backyard or the street.

"It just reminded me of how I’d never do something like that again and how this might not be a thing that people realize is even an issue, that they’re just harmlessly posting like I did back in 2019.”

Sapharic added: “I don’t think a lot of people realise how much others can analyse a photo and put pieces of a puzzle together if they really want to find you.

“Being in the space for almost five years now and seeing so many other content creators join the game recently, I just wanted to give a heads-up on something I wish I had known earlier.”

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