Two men punch and bite each other in sickening street fight recorded by witness

A man and another bloke who appears to be a taxi driver were caught on video fighting in the street dangerously close to moving traffic.

Sickening footage shows the two men punching, kicking and biting each other while cars skim past on the main road, Liverpool ECHO reports.

The brawl is believed to have erupted on Monday evening (June 28) on Crosby Road North in Crosby, Sefton, Merseyside, and was filmed by a passing driver who stopped at the scene.

In the clip, a man is standing next to the open door of a parked mini cab while a second man tries to kick him.

The man next to the car, thought to be a taxi driver, also aims punches at the raging man's head as the pair appear to be battling over an unknown dispute.

A black cab slows down when its driver notices the pair fighting and it is lucky it did because, in another instant, one of the brawlers is lying in the road.

While he struggles to get back on his feet, his foe grabs his head and kicks him in the chest and he staggers back again.

The chaotic footage then shows both men lying in the road while wrestling each other furiously despite the obvious danger as cars drive towards them.

Meanwhile, a woman is standing next to them and appears to be trying to make them see reason.

In one moment, she comes between them and puts her hand out but it is hopeless and the pair continue their bitter struggle.

The man who filmed the incident then began to urge the men to stop fighting as one landed a number of heavy blows.

According to the witness, the incident happened in rush-hour traffic as cars on the other side of the road queued at lights.

Daily Star has contacted Merseyside Police for comment.

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