UFO frenzy as mystery objects seen hurtling behind oblivious ISS astronaut

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An International Space Station astronaut appeared to be completely unaware as two strange unidentified objects appeared behind him.

The UFOs were hurtling in space and he remained oblivious, even when one of the mystery items appeared eerily close.

However, that didn't spot eagle-eyed viewers from seeing the UFOs when the astronaut was completing tasks out in the deep vast space.

A man from Florida was watching the live feed from the ISS earlier this month, on March 16, when he spotted the two objects.

The spaceman was out completing a routine walk while carrying out repairs to the station and was attached with a tether to ensure his safety.

Then, at one moment, near the left of the camera feed, the first white object moves across the screen, with Earth stationed below.

It moves across the screen in a matter of mere seconds before it seems to slow down, change direction and disappear.

The second object is moving at a greater speed and is easy to miss at first glance, but is zooming along below the initial UFO.

What makes these UFOs eerily different from regular space debris, is that the objects stop.

The first object, which is travelling faster, begins to slow down and gently changes direction in a swooping motion.

It's believed that they resemble a white orb, with both having common features like their shape and colour.

Some have said the mystery objects look similar to the ones that were seen by witnesses down on Earth.

Viewers were astounded by the footage and took to the comment section to reveal their own hypothesis.

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One wrote: "It appears to be intelligence gathering."

A second added: "These videos finally stumped my sceptical wife. It's a beautiful thing."

But others admitted they had seen white orbs themselves, in various locations across the globe.

A woman penned: "I've seen those 'white orbs' over the ocean on the California central coast, it was several months ago."

Another said: "I have seen the same thing in mainland England last September, the orbs were investigating the chemtrail from a recent aircraft."

What do you think the white orbs could be? Let us know in the comments below!

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