UK beaches on alert as Brits stung by tiny but ‘excruciatingly painful’ fish

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British beachgoers have been put on high alert after a venomous fish has been spotted on UK shores.

The warning has come from the RNLI, who have had several reports of people being stung by a highly dangerous fish during visits to Filey in North Yorkshire Yorkshire.

And after an investigation, it emerged that the fish in question was the Weever fish – which hides in the sand.

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According to The Mirror, the dangerous fish buries itself under the surface of the beach and waits for pray to pass by.

In this case, the pray is humans – and they are located at beaches across the country.

If stung, it can be “excruciatingly painful” as hundreds of tiny spines sink themselves into a person's skins.

Posting about the findings on Facebook, the RNLI said: “(Our) lifeguards at Filey are having to treat a number of visitors who have suffered Weever fish stings while in the sea.

“Weever fish are found all round our coast. They like to bury themselves in soft sand so are often in the sea on our most popular beaches.

“Now for a fish that is two inches long you wouldn't think it was a threat. However many, many adults and children every year step on them.

“Unfortunately they have a poisonous spine on their backs…and the pain? Well let’s say it can be holiday spoiling.”

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According to the British Marine Life Study Society, the pain is at its most intense for the first two hours when the foot goes red and swells up, then it feels numb until the following day, with irritation and pain “that may last for up to two weeks”.

Horrifyingly, they said that sometimes, “the spine breaks off in the foot and it will cause discomfort until it is removed”.

The RNLI did explain that there is a simple way of avoiding being stung.

They said: “The easiest way is to purchase some beach shoes, they can be purchased pretty much everywhere and are cheap.

“Beach shoes also prevent you from being burnt on the hot sands or from hurting yourself by standing on glass and litter.

“If you decide to risk going bare foot and fall foul there are no quick treatments but a simple one does exist.

“Hot water, as hot as you can stand it and change regularly for 60-90minutes.”

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