UK hot weather: 26C heatwave in DAYS as experts forecast ‘proper summer’ for 2022

BBC Weather: Temperatures set increase

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Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told that the weather will become “very warm” by May 20. He said that temperatures will become “progressively warmer” throughout the month as a result of hot air from the continent, where it is currently seeing “much warmer” weather than the UK. The fine weather, Mr Dale said, will begin next week, with “pleasantly warm” temperatures of up to 22C.

It will continue to warm up as we move towards the end of the month, with highs of 26C on May 20.

Mr Dale described the higher temperatures as “t-shirt weather”, saying the UK will be seeing “proper summer”.

WXCharts has also forecast warm temperatures in the second half of the month, with maximum temperatures reaching up to 25C in Scotland on May 19.

It has predicted temperatures of up to 24C in the southeast and the north, meanwhile, London will see highs of 23C.

Edinburgh will reach up to 21C.

There is very little rain forecast throughout the week.

Speaking to, Mr Dale said: “These next two weeks, there will be plenty of dry, plenty of warm.

“In fact, I would say these next seven days are pleasantly warm into the low twenties, in many places but particularly the southeast.

“But even the rest of the country in the 17s, 18s, 19s, 20s, 21s and 22C for the next seven days.

“The following seven days it does meander a little bit – there are some times where we’ll see some showery activity, with a weak front coming down and cooling things down before it heats up again.

“It’s the heating up again in the longer distance at about the 20th of May, when we’re about to see proper summer temperatures.

“It will start to feel very warm, even very hot. By that I’m talking 25C and 26C, and universally 23C and 24C.”

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He added: “This is a progressive thing that looks like May is turning out to be warmer than average, so I think the best is yet to come.

“But I think there is plenty of pleasant, above seasonal average temperatures for the next week.

“There’s a couple of hiccups along the way, but generally they’re very small hiccups and for the most part high pressure dragging up air off the continent is basically how it looks.

“And progressively that will get much warmer to the point by which we’re certainly into t-shirt weather, nearly universally, and that’s basically the direction of travel.

“So I think we can start talking about very warm to come.

“Around the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd May, we’re going to see 24C, 25C and 26C – maybe even more than that.”

Speaking about the origin of the warm weather, Mr Dale said: “We’re feeding off the continent – the continent is getting warmer.

“It’s much warmer in the EU than it is for us.

“But nonetheless, we’re still getting parts of that off France and Belgium and from further south than that.”

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