UK hot weather forecast: Heatwave to last 11 DAYS as Britain boils in 32C scorcher

BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts ‘warm’ nights

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Britons flocked to beaches, parks and gardens this weekend as highs of 31.6C (88.9F) were recorded at Heathrow and 30.2C (86.4F) in Cardiff. The hot weather is set to continue into the new working week, with the Met Office forecasting a scorching 32C (89.6F). New weather charts show the heatwave is set to last well over a week, with the warm conditions expected to last until at least July 29.

Netweather temperature charts show today is set to be another scorcher, with 30C forecast in London by late afternoon.

The map, valid for 6pm on Monday, July 19, shows much of England and Wales turn a deep red as the mercury soars to the high-20s.

The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon will see much of the same, with highs of 29C forecast in the south east.

The rest of England and Wales can expect highs of 27C, while the warm conditions start to creep further north and cover the south west of Scotland.

By Thursday July 22, most of the UK will be hit by the heatwave-like conditions.

Highs of 29C are forecast in the north east, with temperatures set to reach the low-to-mid-20s across Scotland.

Northern Ireland can also expect hot weather, with highs of 27C forecast.

The warm weather is set to continue through Friday and the weekend, with temperatures expected to reach the mid-20s.

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Monday July 26 will also be another warm one for much of the the east coast, with highs of 25C forecast.

Similar conditions are expected through Tuesday and Wednesday, with Thursday July 29 set to be particularly warm for the south east of England.

Becky Mitchell, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said the mercury could rise to highs of 32C this week.

She said: “We could get up to 32C (89.6F) next week, it is possible each day for different places in the country.

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“The most likely areas to get 32C are parts of the Midlands and down towards south-west England and potentially London, they are all going to see the highest temperatures in the coming days.”

BBC forecasters said the coming days will be characterised by dry, hot weather.

They said: “With high pressure building across the UK there will be a lot of dry weather around for several days, especially in Wales and western England.

“The exception will be some weekend drizzle over northern Scotland and a chance of showers elsewhere during Monday and Tuesday, mainly in the east.

“After a hot weekend it will become less warm but temperatures will stay above average.”

Record temperatures were seen this weekend, with the hottest day ever in Northern Ireland seen on Saturday, with 31.2C (88.2F) recorded in Ballywatticock, in County Down, at 3.40pm.

New highs were also recorded in Coton In The Elms in Derbyshire with 29.7C (85.5F) and Usk, Wales at 29.6C (85.3F)

Threave, in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland also recorded a new record with 28.2C (82.8F).

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