UK hot weather: New maps turn BLOOD red in 41C heat as Britain to sizzle for FOUR weeks

BBC Weather: UK sweltering as mercury soars for the weekend

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Temperatures are set to reach their peak in the third week of July, with Netweather predicting highs of 41C. Netweather meteorologist Nick Finnis described the forecasts as “eyebrow-raising”. He said: “The GFS numerical weather prediction model has been churning out some eyebrow-raising temperature charts over the weekend, one deterministic run on Saturday forecasting record-breaking heat for England on the 16th July, with temperatures reaching 41C inland across southern England and East Anglia.”

Ms Finnis added: “Temperatures are set to be on the rise through the coming week, as we lose the showery trough of low pressure that’s been with us and see high pressure build in from the Azores in its place.

“Although the threat of showers or longer spells of rain continues for the northwest over the next few days, the high centred to the southwest of Ireland looks set to extend across the UK and increasingly influence the weather across most parts by the end of the week and through the weekend, with a corresponding increase in sunshine and also temperatures.

“Temperatures in the south and east look set to reach highs of 24-27C on Friday.

“Perhaps a degree or two hotter over the weekend towards eastern England, perhaps reaching 28-29C in London, as the upper level ridge builds in stronger from the southwest, with an increase in air thickness leading to higher temperatures.”

Meanwhile, WXCharts has forecast highs of 34C.

On 13 July, temperatures will reach highs of 32C in the south, 31C in the midlands, 25C in Scotland and 30C in the northeast.

High temperatures will remain throughout the third week of July, with London seeing highs of 34C and Birmingham reaching up to 30C on July 16.

Weather forecaster Brian Glaze said the UK could experience “extreme heat”.

He said: “The mid-30s are expected, but 35C or higher would not be a surprise (this month).”

He added: “With parts of southern Europe experiencing extreme heat during the early part of the summer there is the potential for the UK to import some of that if the pressure blocks across Europe and the North Atlantic fall into the right places.

“Temperatures in the UK reached 32.7C earlier this month and typically the hottest weather of the summer comes in July or August.

“In recent years periods of extreme heat have become more common in the UK.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if temperatures climbed to 35C (91F). To put a little context on that, the hottest day in the entire decade of the 1980s was 34.4C.”

According to the Met Office, the warm conditions will last for the whole month.

A forecaster for the agency said: “After rain in the north and west, it turns warmer from Wednesday.

“High pressure is likely to dominate through the period to July 16, bringing dry and generally settled conditions.”

They added: “July 17-31 has temperatures becoming warmer throughout.

“We may see very warm or hot temperatures, especially across the south, and high pressure may extend across the UK.”

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