UK snow forecast: Britain to be hit by -2C Arctic air system bringing 8 inches of snow

Weekend weather for 2nd/3rd April – will we get any more snow?

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After a freezing start to April, the weekend is set to see a slight easing to conditions with rain over snow. However, wintery conditions are set to resume as far south as Southampton by Thursday.

According to WXCharts, following a wet and windy start to the week, Wednesday sees snow over Scotland begin to push down into north England by midday on Wednesday.

Midday sees 1cm of snow in Newcastle and stretching just north of Leeds, while the heaviest snowfall is reserved for the mountainous regions of Scotland, with Fort William seeing 20cm, or nearly 8 inches.

Moving into Wednesday night, snow begins to strengthen and move into the midlands, with 2cm in Sheffield, while Wales also sees 1cm move in a band stretching from Cardiff to the north coast.

Meanwhile, most snow moves away from the north of Britain, with 16cm on the ground in parts of Scotland.

By 6am the next day, conditions for more snow begin to form in the North Sea to the west of England, and will move in as the clock strikes 12pm.

That time sees snow resurface in previously affected regions of Scotland and England, while also pushing into the south east of England from the Netherlands.

A band of snow over Wales also strengthens, hitting Southampton and Bristol with just under 1cm of snow by midday.

Snowy conditions should clear by Thursday evening, giving way to clearer skies and bitterly cold temperatures of 0C across much of Britain.

Thursday 6am sees the most snow on the ground, with 27cm, or 10 inches, in the north of Scotland and 1cm in Bristol.

Ian Simpson, forecaster, wrote for the agency’s website the weather will be “somewhat more unsettled next week”.

He said: “Rain will spread south-eastwards across the country on Sunday night into Monday, clearing the south-east during Monday morning, and then it will be a generally cloudy and windy day with some light rain mainly affecting the north.

“On Tuesday, brighter weather with scattered wintry showers will move into the northern half of Scotland, while it will be cloudy elsewhere with some rain for Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England.

“As this precipitation pushes into the north of Scotland overnight Tuesday/Wednesday, there is potential for significant snowfalls to result even on low ground.


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“Parts of southern England and East Anglia may reach between 13 and 15C on Monday and Tuesday in any brighter intervals.

“The colder air over northern Scotland will spread southwards to all parts of the UK into Wednesday and Thursday, bringing brighter, colder weather with wintry showers.

“It is expected that milder, wetter weather will slowly push northwards after Thursday of next week, bringing a spell of very wet weather for much of the UK and potential for snow, especially on high ground, on the northern flank of the low pressure systems.

The Met Office’s outlook for Monday to Wednesday also said: “A generally cloudy, unsettled period for most, although milder than recently.

“Most persistent rain for northern and western areas, with some of this turning to snow over high ground.”

Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud told the Mirror overnight temperatures going into Saturday would be several degrees colder than the average for the time of year. He said the wintry weather will continue through the weekend, but along with the cold there will be sunshine.

He said: “It’s generally dry and cold, if not slightly less cold than we have had for the next few days.

“We’ve got an Arctic air flow established at the moment, that’s coming from a cold source. So we’ve basically got cold, clear air established across the UK.

“There’s also a lot of clear and sunny skies, especially to the western parts of the UK.”

Mr Stroud said temperatures should climb from around 10C (50F) averages over the weekend to around 14C (57.2F) on Monday as the Arctic air system moves away.

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