UK storm forecast: Met Office warning over ‘frequent lightning’

Weather: Dramatic Thunderstorms and heavy showers forecasted

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Met Office forecasters warned damage to buildings or structures could be expected from “lightning strikes” as they warned Britons to prepare for a “short-term loss” of power and potential flooding as storms continue to smash the UK. They also warned “heavy showers and thunderstorms” would cause impact to travel in their latest weather warning.

The national forecasters issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms between 12pm and 7pm on Friday as the UK continues to be battered by wind and rain.

Peterborough, Nottingham, Hull, parts of Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham are Norwich are impacted by the alert.

The warning reads: “There is a good chance driving conditions will be affected by spray, standing water and/or hail, leading to longer journey times by car and bus.


“Delays to train services are possible.

“Flooding of a few homes and businesses is possible, potentially leading to some damage to buildings or structures

“Perhaps damage to a few buildings and structures from lightning strikes, with short-term loss of power and other services possible.”

It continues: “Showers will develop fairly widely again by this afternoon, some being heavy with scattered thunderstorms.

“A few of these may become slow-moving or aligned over one particular place, more likely over the East Midlands and Eastern England. 15-20 mm of rain within an hour in places; one or two spots might see 30-50 mm in around three hours, where successive, or slow-moving, showers occur. Frequent lightning is also possible in a few places, along with hail.”

Areas were expected to be lashed by 15 to 20mm of rain in an hour and 30 to 50 mm of rain in three hours.

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The Met Office’s forecast for today states there will be a mixture of sunny spells and showers, but some will be hit with “heavy showers” and a “risk of thunder in places”.

It forecast “more persistent rain, some heavy for southeast Scotland and parts of northeast England”, before saying: “Rain across southern Scotland and northern England turning more showery.

“Elsewhere, showers becoming confined to some northwest facing coasts. Chilly in the northwest with patchy fog.”

Nick Finnis, senior forecaster for Netweather, said rainfall would turn “heavy” with “lingering showers” moving across England.

He said: “Today the low will move across the southern North Sea towards Holland.

“After a dry start, another day of sunshine and showers developing again today, turning heavy with some thunderstorms – more particularly across England and Wales. Like yesterday, thicker cloud and more general rain moving in from the east across NE England and southern Scotland.

“Low pressure across the south then continues east over the near continent on Saturday but close enough to perhaps support some lingering showers across eastern England, but elsewhere turning drier and brighter as high pressure builds in.

“The rain pushing up from the southwest will have tropical origins as it is associated with the ex-Hurricane Danielle low moving southeast towards Iberia, so likely to be heavy in places.

“The computer models had been showing uncertainty where the low containing the remnants of Danielle will wander early next week, but there now appears to be increasing consensus for the low to move into Iberia, but with perhaps a new low forming to the north over the Bay of Biscay.”

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