UK weather forecast: Britain to be battered by 44kmh winds AND 20cm snow as new storm hits

BBC Weather: Europe warned of 'stormy conditions' ahead

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The new storm, which will bring high winds, cold temperatures, and “another raft of snow” is set to hit the UK on Tuesday morning. This could be the UK’s second named storm in less than ten days following Storm Arwen.

Jim Dale, Senior Meteorologist at British Weather Services, warned that it could bring conditions bad enough to qualify as a named storm, with cyclonic high winds battering the UK coast.

Weather mapping website WXCharts show wind speeds getting up 44.3km/hour on Tuesday, bringing with it a wind chill as cold as -10C in central Scotland.

Meanwhile, parts of Scotland could see up to 20cm of snow, with more snow coverage expected in the areas surrounding Manchester and Edinburgh.

According to Mr Dale, the extreme weather is likely to begin in the republic of Ireland, before sweeping across towards the southwest.

He said: “It could be a named storm.

“This thing starts to arrive during the course of Tuesday morning in the republic of Ireland and also Northern Ireland.

“Eventually as we get into the teeth of Tuesday evening and going into Wednesday the low-pressure centre, which is very low.

“So what we’re talking about is high winds.

“How low the pressure goes will dictate how high the winds are.

“The high winds will start to be felt in Ireland first, and I think the Southwest of England is going to be the main receiver of this, by way of southwesterly winds and southeasterly winds.

“It becomes cyclonic between Cornwall and the South East of Ireland and Northern Cornwall.

“From there, it’s probably going to France and start to decay.

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“It could, however, go through Northern Ireland and into wales, which could be more damaging.

“At the moment, it seems as though it will affect Southern Ireland, south-west Wales, south-west England certainly and probably the Brest Peninsula in France.”

He also said that the current warmer sea temperatures may cause the storm to be extra damaging.

He said: “Sea temperatures are warmer than they usually are at this time of year, which can give it extra energy.

“That one to two degrees, when we talk about climate change in the ocean, is the difference between getting a developing major storm and a not so major storm.

“It can be exaggerated just by the extra warmth in the ocean.

Mr Dale added that the storm – while likely to be “shortlived” – would bring snow, heavy rain, cold air and frost.

He said: “It will also bring some rain with it, the rain will be heavy.

“It’s quite quickly followed during the course of later Wednesday into Thursday with colder air streaming down from the North. It’ll bring frost with it.

“In terms of snow, probably again for Northern areas – Scotland, the Highlands, the Grampians and then the higher hills of the North – places like that could well see another raft of snow, with everyone then getting into a frost.

“It’s going to be fairly short-lived, but it’s just whether or not it comes in and does the damage of a named storm.”

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