UK weather forecast: Britain to be drenched in 40mm of rain in Christmas Day washout

Weather: Met Office predicts cold conditions and risk of snow

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The Met Office has outlined that a band of rain will move across the UK over Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day, which may turn into snow when it meets colder areas. Weather forecasting service WXCharts is showing up to 5mm of rain per hour on Christmas Day in the South West, which moves further north throughout the afternoon.

Speaking to, a forecaster for the Met Office said: “As we move into Christmas Day, that band of rain is still clinging on in the early hours of the South East.

“The next band of rain moving into the South West into the early hours of the morning.

“The highest accumulation of rain is expected over Southern areas of Wales over the day, where the accumulation of rain over a 12 hour period could be up to 40mm in some isolated spots.

“It will move eastwards across the UK, but tracks a little bit further towards the North.”

At this point, he stated, snow could become more likely.

He said: “When the band of rain hits some cooler areas of the North, it brings with it a risk of snow particularly in the higher ground in Northern England and Southern Scotland and over the Pennines.

“Later on in the day, widespread rain as it moves up through the country on Christmas Day.

“On Sunday, that theme continues with a lot of messy showers around much of the UK, with that rain front in the UK still sat over the Northern areas in the UK, with the continuing risk of snow in the higher ground of the North.

“Continuing breezy conditions in the North.

“We could see some gusty winds of up to 30 knots (34mph).”

The rain is likely to begin later today, following “brighter and colder” patches earlier on in the day.

Speaking about Christmas Eve, the Met Office forecaster said: “Generally brighter and colder in the North of England, with some windy conditions following after that.

“Some early cold patches today in the south and some rain in the South West of England and Wales later in the day.

“As the move through the day today, the band of rain moves through the east- bringing some heavier rain over central England and the South East as well.

“In the north, including Scotland, generally clearer, although some cloud clinging on at the coast.

The Met Office’s forecast for today and Christmas Day outlines heavy rain and wind.

For Christmas Eve, it says: “Early rain and hill snow over Scotland sinking southwards into northern England, brighter but colder and windy conditions following.

“Early fog patches further south with early rain in the southwest spreading into Wales and southern and central England later.

“Evening rain over Wales and southern and central England easing later.

“Heavy rain into the southwest later in the night. Clearer and frosty in the north. Turning windier.”

On Christmas Day, it says it will be “cold and windy”, adding: “Scotland and much of northern England bright.

“Cloudier further south with early heavy rain in the southwest spreading into Northern Ireland, Wales and southern and central England.”

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