UK weather forecast: February freeze blitz to hit – 10 DAYS of snow to blanket Britain

UK weather: Scotland and northern regions set for snow

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After an unseasonably warm January, February is proving to be bitterly cold with snow predicted to fall. While WX Charts predict the Scottish Highlands will see snow throughout the whole of February, the rest of the country will see snow from February 15.

According to latest charts, there will be 14cm of snow falling in Inverness from midday on February 15.

As the snow continues to fall, up to 48cm will blast Scotland by midnight on February 24.

The snow will travel down the country, bringing up to 6cm of wintry precipitation in Edinburgh and the north of England.

Cumbria and Manchester will also see up to 2cm of snow falling, with Wales seeing up to 1cm expected to fall.

Up to 63cm of snow will fall in the Highlands by 6am on February 25.

And a day earlier southern Britain will also be hit by the snow, reaching as far down as London and the south coast. The southern regions are predicted to be hit by the freeze for days.

Temperatures are expected to plummet to below zero by 6am this Friday.

WX Charts show the whole of England will see temperatures of 0C while Scotland and the Highlands will see bitterly cold weather.

Temperatures will plummet in the Highlands to -5C.

While temperatures will rise above zero for next week as snow falls, they are predicted to plummet once again.

By 6am on February 15, temperatures will once again be below zero with the Highlands forecast to experience -5C.

Newcastle and the north of England will see temperatures of 0C.

The bitterly cold weather will continue throughout next week, with the whole country dropping below 0C.

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By 6am on February 25, the charts predict temperatures will be 0C in the south and north of England.

Newcastle and Edinburgh will see temperatures of around -2C and -3C.

As always, the Scottish Highlands will see the brunt of the Baltic weather, with forecasters predicting temperatures of -7c in Inverness.

Despite the snow forecast and the freezing temperatures, bookies have slashed odds on February being the coldest second month of the year ever recorded.

Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead said: “The weather is about to take a turn for the worse and with temperatures set to plummet, we have slashed the odds on this February being the coldest since records began.

“We are well on the way to a winter of record snowfall too, with many parts of the UK destined for large amounts over the next week.”

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