UK weather maps pinpoint where fierce winds and storms will blitz Britain this weekend

BBC Weather: Temperatures set to drop across UK

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The heatwave conditions witnessed in the UK earlier this month have been replaced this week with heavy rain, gusty winds and thunderstorms. Swathes of weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office over the last few days.

A yellow wind warning will be in place from 8pm on Thursday until 12pm on Friday.

The warning covers much of southwest England, including Portsmouth, Plymouth, Exeter and Truro.

The Met Office warn wind gusts could reach as high as 65mph across the Isles of Scilly and some areas of Cornwall during this period.

But while no Met Office warnings have been issued yet for the weekend, weather maps indicate a blustery weekend could be in store for many areas.

Weekend weather forecast

The southern coast of England is forecast to see the strongest winds in the UK on Saturday.

WXCHARTS peak wind gust charts show parts of southwest England could experience approximate winds up to 39mph (62km/h) on Saturday.

But elsewhere, parts of Northern Ireland and East Anglia could see some strong gusts of wind too.

Southern parts of the UK could also see some thunderstorms on Saturday, according to the latest forecast maps.

Windy thunderstorm maps forecast activity over parts of southern England, including some areas of London and Essex.

Parts of East Anglia, the Midlands and southwest England could also see some thunderstorms on Saturday.

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Along with the potential for wind and thunderstorms, the Met Office is forecasting “sunshine and showers” in southern areas this weekend.

Northern areas of the country are expected to be drier than the south.

The Met Office outlook for Saturday to Monday reads: “Sunshine and showers in the south with the chance of a thunderstorm.

“Drier in the north. Temperatures around or just below average with light or moderate winds.”

Long range forecast

After the weekend, from Monday the Met Office long-range forecast suggests there will be a continuation of sun and showers.

The Met Office said: “Changeable conditions continuing to dominate for the start of August, with a mixture of sunny and dry periods, showery periods and the chance of longer spells of rain.

“At first the south is likely to see the most showers, with the north remaining the driest, but by the end of the period, the south and southeast will possibly be the driest and the west and northwest the wettest.

“There remains a chance for any showers or rain to produce thunderstorms.”

The Met Office predict temperatures will be “mostly cooler than average” than would usually be the case in early August.

But weather maps suggest there could still be some warmer weather in some places next week.

WXCHARTS maximum temperature charts forecast temperatures above 20C in several areas of England and Wales around mid-week.

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