Ukraine LIVE: ‘Firing squad’ forms in Kremlin chaos in threat to Putin

Vladimir Putin could 'shatter' NATO will over Ukraine conflict

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Putin has been picking off his inner circle since the invasion began, with Colonel General Sergey Beseda, head of Russia’s intelligence service FSB and his deputy both arrested.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has not been seen in public for more than 12 days amid rumours of “heart problems”.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Putin biographer, Professor Mark Galeotti said: “Never since the collapse of the Soviet Union has there been such fervid rumour and counter-rumour in the Kremlin. A circular firing squad is forming, with everyone pointing their guns at each other.”


Ukraine re-occupies area surrounding Kyiv- MoD

Ukraine has been able to re-occupy towns and defensive positions, according to UK intelligence. 

In the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) latest daily update, it said Ukraine’s “counter-attacks, and Russian Forces failing” has allowed Ukrainian forces to take up positions up to 35 kilometres east of Kyiv. 

Russia forces are continuously targeting Ukraine’s capital but have so far been unsuccessful in occupying the city. 

The MoD added: “Ukrainian Forces are likely to continue to attempt to push Russian Force back along the north-western axis from Kyiv towards Hostomel Airfield.”

“Ukraine’s resistance” and “logistic issues” are continuing to slow Russian forces, the MoD added.

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