Ukraine’s ‘Kyiv beach club’ with care-free topless babes sparks war anger

Party-loving Ukrainians have been spotted seemingly not caring about Russian President Vladimir Putin's attack on the country, living it up at a beach bar.

Video footage shows bikini-clad women and topless blokes enjoying more than a few drinks poolside at the Fifty Beach Club in Kyiv.

The pool bar is located at the famous Hydropark area of Ukraine's capital, and is popular with locals and tourists alike.

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It is found on the edge of the Desenka River, with other beach clubs living the shoreline nearby.

Just across the river, via the Park Bridge, is where many Russian missiles have dropped – but that doesn't seem to be worrying locals one bit.

And video footage of partying Ukrainians has caused anger in some corners of the internet, with one asking “Why are we all panicked and worried when it is party season over there?”

And another wrote: “Living better than the British in the UK.”

However, one person, Ukrainian social media star Marta Vasyuta – who claims to live in both London and Lviv – hit back.

She wrote: “People really think that we sit in bomb shelters the whole time?”

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Although the video was posted four days ago, the actual original date it was taken could not be verified by the Daily Star.

The most recent posts on the club's Instagram page hype the summer season opening, which happened two months ago.

And an Instagram story posted today (August 11) shows a row of umbrella-covered sunbeds looking pretty lush on the beach.

The club hypes itself up on its website, with the message: “The beach at FIFTY BEACH is an ideal place for summer vacation.

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“A place in Kyiv where all the beauties of the capital sunbathe.

“We dance to the sets of the best DJs, swim in the outdoor pool and sunbathe.

“ Fresh air, gorgeous view, great company and the most delicious cuisine – we will become your favourite beach in Kyiv!”

A promo video on the site shows hundreds of people enjoying themselves on sunbeds and in the pool, each with a bottle of beer or a drink in their hands.

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Despite the seemingly care-free attitude of the Ukrainians, Russian war experts are claiming the battle will develop into a full-blown world war.

Dmitry Popov writing for pro-Kremlin news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets said this week: “No tanks in Ukraine will solve this problem.

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“It will only be a pause, and the possibility of new 'hot' conflicts is not going anywhere – the ideological pressure will only increase.

“Do not be afraid of the phrase 'state ideology' and do not look back, as only recently, at what 'Western partners' will say about this.

“Nothing will end after the fighting in Ukraine.”

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