UK’s week of chaos as bin men across country say it’s too hot to collect rubbish

Bin men up and down the UK are saying the blistering temperatures mean it is far too hot to collect household rubbish.

Complaints from bin men who say the scorching 33C heatwave hitting the country is too hot to collect garbage has sparked fear that sanitation services could hold back on their rounds.

Essential services have been hit by the Met Office's "danger to life" amber warning, given out due to the sweltering heat the UK is likely to face over the next week.

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Unbelievable heat has left the UK with buckled train tracks and fears for the lives of hundreds.

Safety measures are set to be in place on train tracks and other essential services will be affected by a number of rulings and warning set out by the Met Office.

Specialist weather teams have been monitoring key hotspots where mercury continues to rise, with drivers urged to keep a bottle of water in their cars.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis has stated that if mercury hits as high as 40C then motorists should "question their decision to drive in the first place".

In some parts of the country bin men are even having to leave their routes early after the heat proved far too much for work.

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South Oxfordshire District Council has informed its residents to leave rubbish out up to two days after their originally scheduled collection if they are not emptied.

South London has also been cited as a place where rubbish collection delays could be seen, with forecasters predicting a rise in heat and mercury over the next week.

The existing record of 38.7C, set in 2019, could be shattered by this week's weather in some parts of the country.

Thankfully forecasters are also predicting that by next week a flurry of thunderstorms will put rest to the heatwave, bringing a temperature drop.

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