‘Unluckiest dog in UK’ finds new home after being found beside dead owner

A family have finally come forward to house a dog dubbed ''the unluckiest in Britain'' who was searching for a home for two years after being discovered laying beside his dead owner.

Dillon the nine-year-old lurcher had been living at National Animal Welfare Trust's (NAWT) home in Cornwall after multiple failed attempts to home him.

He was handed into the care of staff at the home just over two years ago when he was found lying next to his elderly owner who had died.

But on Friday (December 17), Dillon's luck changed just in time for Christmas as he left the animal home for the final time and went to meet his new family.

A spokesperson from the Cornwall home said: "The whole team shed tears of happiness.

"After a national (and international!) campaign to find this boy his forever home, and another failed attempt along the way, we had an application for Dillon which ticked all his boxes.

"After arranging a meet it was love at first sight for Dillon’s new owners and most importantly, for Dillon who felt right at home."

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The centre has been told "he has found his spot on their sofa" and "made himself right at home".

"A perfect happy ending in time for Christmas," they said.

The search for this canine's new home has been far from straightforward. The odds were stacked against Dillon, as black lurchers are statistically one of the most difficult breeds to re-home.

Just last month, a prospective family were keen to take Dillon in, but the could-be adopters decided they didn't want a lurcher.

A statement released by NAWT at the time said: "Poor Dillon can not believe it. His reserve has fallen through yet again. We are absolutely devastated.

"Through no fault of his own, the customer decided they would wait for a Labrador as they don't usually own lurchers and one that could play with family dogs that visit. Dillon wouldn't want to share his toys and play with little dogs so it just wasn't going to work."

But Dillon's patient wait is now over, and the pooch has a place in family's home this Christmas.

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