US Election: Mike Pence BLAMES Biden for swine flu ‘failure’ in intense VP debate

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The Vice President responded to a question from debate moderator Susan Page, of USA Today, about President Donald Trump’s wellbeing by targeting his predecessor’s record on the Swin Flu pandemic of 2009. Mr Pence used the previous, much less lethal pandemic to underscore “failure” from the Democrats in government.

Mr Pence said: “When you talk about failure in this administration, we actually do know what failure looks like in a pandemic.

“It was 2009. The Swine Flu arrived in the United States.

“Thankfully it ended up not being as lethal as coronavirus, but before the end of the year, when Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States, not seven and a half million people contracted the Swine Flu, 60 million American’s contracted the Swine Flu.

“If the Swine Flu had been as lethal as the coronavirus, in 2009 when Joe Biden was Vice President, we would have lost two million American lives.”

The swine flu comments followed Mr Pence responding to Ms Harris’ previous comments about Mr Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, Ms Harris said she would not take a vaccine for the virus if Mr Trump recommended it.

Mr Pence took issue with this, and added: “The fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine, if a vaccine emerges during a Trump presidency, is unconscionable.”

He also said: ”The reality is that we’re going to have a vaccine Senator in record time. In unheard of time. In less than a year.”

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