Vegans want company bosses to train meat-eaters how to avoid upsetting them

Vegan snowflakes want company bosses to train meat-eaters how to avoid upsetting them.

They want to see guidelines brought in to wipe out “offensive” comments to end anti-vegan discrimination.

Bosses should be allowed to deal with complaints from vegans who feel they are being unfairly treated.

The Vegan Society has drafted “rules” for employers.

They believe employers should dedicate a shelf in the fridge for its members and that non-meat or dairy-eaters should have access to vegan-friendly materials like safety boots or non-leather phone cases.

But a key aim is to encourage bosses to monitor whether vegan 'banter’ becomes offensive.

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It comes after a judge ruled last month that veganism was an ethical belief protected by law.

The new guidelines read: “During this general training, discussing veganism as an example of a non-religious belief that is protected under the Equality Act will show that you are doing everything you can to be inclusive.

“These general training sessions should also inform senior staff, managers and team leaders about how they can avoid discrimination against vegans and how they should conduct discussions with vegans to help provide a supportive workplace environment.

“All senior staff, managers and team leaders should understand that they are under a duty to treat vegans with respect, have due regard for their needs in the workplace and be able to understand how to deal appropriately with requests or complaints in the workplace from vegans.

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