Villagers outraged after topless bloke climbs ‘sacred tree’ for TikTok video

An Aussie bloke has been fined after horrified villagers watched him climb a 10-metre-high sacred tree in the cemetery area in Bali.

Samuel Lockton was seen climbing the tree shirtless at around 3pm (local time) on June 11, in Kelici Kelod village, Tabanan for a video that he uploaded as TikTok content.

But his attempt at entertaining his followers sparked a number of police reports from local residents as the tree he was climbing is in a sacred area.

Head of Police of Tabanan, Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Ranefli Dian Candra added that: "The residents of Abiantuwung village also reported the incident."

Lockton was taken to the Police Sector Office of Kediri and then met with traditional leaders and several community representatives, who were also present.

He claimed during an interrogation that he didn't know the tree was sacred and that he just wanted to do his hobby, which he usually does in his country.

His TikTok content often features his tree-climbing antics as he enjoys recording the beauty of the surroundings from a height.

Lockton admitted to his mistake and apologised for the distress caused.

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Residents demanded a fee of RP500,000 (£27.44) for the Guru Piduka ceremony, which is a tradition performed to neutralise everything that pollutes nature, either intentionally or unintentionally.

However, because Lockton only brought Rp150,000 (£8.35) so it was agreed that he would pay the rest in the coming week.

"This was approved by the traditional leaders and representatives of the residents present. For the next steps concerned will be submitted to the immigration for further processing," the Commissioner added.

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The news comes after a Russian yoga influencer faced six years in prison after she posed naked under a sacred tree in Bali for a social media post.

Instagram star Alina Yoga shared the images online of herself posing naked at the site of the 700-year-old weeping paperbark tree, known locally as kayu putih.

The photos show her perched on the trunk naked pushing her boobs into the bark as she looks over her shoulder.

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