Villagers terrified by prowling ‘werewolf’ after man found dead with bite marks

Residents of a village in South Africa are in a state of panic over the fears of a 'werewolf' prowling the area after a man was found dead with bite marks all over his body.

Diesel Michael Makambi, 59 was found dead near a river in Kwaqongqota last month.

His body was covered in bite marks, which led to the local villagers raising fears that a mythical monster was behind it.

However, both the police and the victim's family were quick to dismiss these rumours, saying that it was most likely wild Pitbulls that attacked him.

Eastern Cape police also said that according to eyewitness statements, Mr Makambi was also bitten by wild sea dogs.

However, these reassurances were not enough to quell the fears of the villagers as many shared posts on social media alerting others to stay away from Kwaqongqota due to werewolves'.

These rumours spread like wildfire, as one warning from a Qonce running club told its members not to jog near the area until the werewolf was captured or killed.

One of the posts online evening accompanied a sketch of a man with wolf-like features.

Mr Makambi's mother, 96-year-old Nongenile Liziwe Makambi dismissed these rumours. Speaking to News24, she said: "Before he passed on, he managed to tell the boys that he was attacked by three dogs and pleaded for help.

"We heard that a woman had seen my son being attacked by the dogs and screamed for people to rescue him but by the time the boys got there, it was too late. The dogs tore my son into pieces."

Police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi advised that people stop spreading such unfounded rumours on social media, also stating that they are opening an investigation into the incident.

ANC councilor-elect Kholiwe Faku also urged people to stop believing in the myth, saying: "People must refrain from spreading this werewolf myth, as it has a potential to upset the family. There is no werewolf."

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