Watch: Bikers take over central Auckland streets

A procession of hundreds of motorbikes took over the streets of central Auckland this morning, with many passersby wondering what was behind the event – and whether it was, in fact, an organised event.

Multiple Herald readers sent through footage of the motorbikes riding along Queen Street and K Road, as well as some of the other main arteries of downtown Auckland.

People reported seeing some of the bikers “going through red lights” and doing “wheelies”. Some had no helmets and were overtaking and undertaking other vehicles, according to reports.

The bikes were also spotted riding along Mission Bay.

Footage shows the motorbikers riding on the footpath where people, including small children, waited to cross the road. The video also shows them running through red lights and swerving across the lanes.

Other videos show the riders pulling dangerous stunts among the traffic.

Also this morning, the Auckland Domain was the setting for Brian Tamaki’s anti-lockdown protest, attended by around 2000 people.

The crowd included a range of people, from gang members to grannies. There were families – including with young babies – on picnic chairs.

Others included people in wheelchairs and some walking dogs, while a series of motorbikes were parked to the side along with two or three tractors.

The Destiny Church protest included a motorcycle convoy towards the domain ahead of the protest.

It is not known whether the motorbikes filmed in downtown Auckland later that morning were connected to the protest.

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