‘We need a Frexit referendum’ Macron facing explosion in calls to leave EU

Macron makes huge Brexit swipe at ESA summit

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Generation Frexit Chairman Charles-Henry Gallois has said it is not enough for Paris to engage in “arm wrestling” against Brussels in an attempt to win back certain powers. Instead, he insisted talk around a referendum on France’s membership of the EU should be translated into action, providing French citizens with proper choice over the future of their country.

Mr Gallois said he was not alone in desiring a vote on EU membership.

Writing in Marianne, he pointed to a recent IFOP suggesting 63 percent of people are also in favour.

He also criticised existing elements of the French constitution which put diktats from Brussels above those set in Paris.

Mr Gallois wrote: “[One] option is to amend Article 55 of our Constitution.

“This article clearly states the superiority of treaties, including European treaties, over national law.

“Will this impose primacy on the French law? Nothing is less certain.”

Only so much can be done while France remains in the EU, he added, noting: “In the European legal order, there is nothing above the European treaties, which have constitutional value, and no court can supplant the EU Court of Justice (CJEU).”

Mr Gallois cited some historic examples: “In the Costa (1964) and Simmenthal (1978) judgments, the CJEU has already ruled that Community law is superior to national law.

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“Even at the national level, the Court of Cassation with the Jacques Vabre ruling (1974) and the Council of State with the Nicolo ruling (1989) have ruled in the same way.”

The ‘Frexit’ campaigner insisted other French politicians must get involved in his efforts to ensure France’s membership of the EU receives proper scrutiny.

In a post on Twitter, he urged Presidential hopefuls Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour to change their strategies on Brussels.

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He said: “I invite [these] to change their strategy on the EU!

“Their current strategy is unmanageable, but above all tactically suicidal for the second round [in the election].”

But while these candidates are by and large critical of the EU’s reach into France, they have stopped short of pushing for their country to enact its own version of Britain’s 2016 Brexit referendum.

Mr Zemmour, for example, has made it clear “I want France to be in Europe, but I want France to come before Europe”.

For Mr Gallois, even this could spell the end of the EU.

He wrote: “The European Union? It is only law and treaties. As soon as it is stated that national law is superior to the treaties, it is the end of the EU without saying so.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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