Western sanctions questioned as wife of Kremlin official snapped on lavish Greek holiday

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The wife of President Putin’s spokesman posted videos of herself online smashing plates in a restaurant while on holiday in Greece. Tatiana Navka and her husband Dmitry Peskov have been subjected to sanctions by the European Union.

However, the footage which seemingly shows Navka, 47, partying in Greece has angered many people and suggests the sanctions are not making enough of a difference to Russia’s elite.

The former Olympic ice dancing champion posted on Instagram: “Smashing plates is part of the nightlife rampage in Greece.”

The post showed her breaking plates while dancing along to a song from ‘Zorba the Greek’.

Despite the post, Greece has denied that Navka was in the country though it was suggested she may have visited one of the Greek islands from Turkey where she was holidaying.

On Telegram on Sunday, the Russian dancer wrote: “I love to find out new things when I’m on vacation.”

Navka was born in Ukraine and a media company in Greece reported that she had been seen sailing between Turkish and Greek islands.

Turkey has not imposed sanctions on Russia, and it was reported that the yacht Navka was exploring with, belongs to a Russian businessman.

Instagram is banned in Russia after the Kremlin labelled it “extremist”, but the smashing plates post was since deleted from the social media platform.

The daughter of Navka and Peskov, Elizaveta Peskova, 24, has also been hit by sanctions from the West.

Prior to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Elizaveta worked as an intern at the European Parliament.

Upon being targeted by sanctions she said it was “totally unfounded and unfair”.

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She had also posted anti-war messages on social media following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but they were quickly deleted.

Opposition leader Alexei Navaly has noted that only 46 of the 200 people on the Forbes list of richest Russians have been sanctioned.

He said to his lawyers in a message: “That doesn’t sound very much like the declared war on Putin’s oligarchs to me.”

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