What a surprise! Corbyn sparks fury after blaming UK & US for provoking Russia in Ukraine

Russia: US 'leading way on Ukraine tensions' says Corbyn

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In an extraordinary comment made during a live stream titled “No War in Ukraine: Stop NATO Expansion”, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who last year had the whip removed by Sir Keir Starmer, appeared to throw his total support behind Russia amid fears of an imminent invasion of Ukraine.

Despite Russia’s previous invasions of Ukraine in both Crimea and the Donbas, Mr Corbyn was adament the latest tensions are the wests fault, not crazed Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

It comes as well over 130,000 Russian soldiers are not camped out along Ukraine’s border with Russia and Belarus.

While huge military exercises are taking place in Belarus as a show of strength to Europe.

Speaking on the live stream on Friday, Mr Corbyn said: “We have an atmosphere of daily film, of tanks and troops on one side of the border in Russia, demonstrating that there is a huge Russian military presence there.

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“We then have other film described as lethal weapons being shipped into Ukraine.

“And huge demonstrations of military hardware all building up on both sides. It is incredibly dangerous.”

But in an extraordinary moment which sparked fury from observers, the former Labour leader said it was “the US with British support that is leading the way on” the ramping up of military tensions.

Mr Corbyn even went as far as to praise the European countries of France and Germany “who are urging some caution” and promoting “diplomatic approach”.

Footage purports to show Russian military vehicles on the move

Up until now, both countries have been accused of a “wall of silence” over the crisis in Ukraine until this week when tensions have hit breaking point.

The live stream also featured Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP Diane Abbott who also chimed in on the West-bashing.

In a bizarre video, she said: “We see that the United States has decided that it needs to send US and other Nato troops to Russia’s borders.

“This alone should tell us that the claims that Russia is the aggressor should be treated sceptically.

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Hundreds rushed to condemn Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott for the comments as they shared their disbelief at what had been said, with many noting how he had refused to acknowledge Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Georgia, Crimea, and the Donbas – where he is also supplying troops to fight an insurgency.

Journalist Adam Cailler said Mr Corbyn is a “dangerous fool.”

While user @599bt hammered: “If Jeremy Corbyn had won power we would now be allies with Russia standing against NATO. This idiot is a rancid traitor.”

And @Never_Again2020 slammed: “He’s consistently opposed the UK and its allies over the last 40 years, so blaming NATO for Russia’s aggressive expansionism is only to be expected.”

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