Widow accidentally blasts adult film through neighbour’s Bluetooth speaker

A widow was left red-faced after she accidentally blasted audio from a porn film she was watching onto her neighbour's Bluetooth sound system.

Tawny Platis, whose husband George died in November 2019, revealed she was trying to "enjoy" an X-rated flick when she realised the video was playing, but no sound was coming out.

To try to resolve the issue, the confused comedian, actor and podcaster "cranked" the volume, but nothing seemed to work.

Platis, who admitted to viewing "a lot of adult content" at the time, was mortified to discover that the volume was in fact coming through loud and clear – just in someone else's home.

Her mobile phone, on which she was watching the adult content, had mistakenly connected to her neighbour's Bluetooth speakers, meaning they were hearing what she was watching.

"In the Spring of 2020 I was watching a lot of adult content because my super-hot husband died in November 2019 and I was unable to really 'wid-hoe' [sic] because if I was gonna catch some d***, I was probably also gonna catch some Covid," she revealed in a clip posted on TikTok.

"So, one fine afternoon I'm trying to enjoy a video of my choosing and I'm finding that the sound isn't working.

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"I blast it, crank the volume up all the way, still didn't hear anything – weird."

"Until, I hear it blasting from my neighbour's speaker.

"What had happened was that for some godforsaken reason my phone connected to the Bluetooth speaker in my neighbour's apartment and now the entire complex knows what I'm into."

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Rather than be sheepish about the explicit gaffe, she admitted she now purposely sends her neighbours adult content to their speakers.

"Because I'm such a goddamn sweetheart, I started doing it on purpose," she said.

"It wasn't always adult content, but it was usually adult content."

Speaking about her relationship with George on her podcast Death Is Hilarious, Platis said: "My husband and I both enjoyed dark humour.

"It was a coping mechanism for us in many areas of our life and we leaned on it quite a bit in the last year of his life when he was frequently hospitalised for weeks or months at a time.

"We also worked on a comedy podcast we created together called The Dirty Bits. I wasn't really surprised that this is immediately where my head went and I don't think my husband would have been surprised either."

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