Will Daily Star’s 60p Tesco lettuce or PM Truss last longer – watch live feed

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    Bookies have given odds of 6-1 for Liz Truss to be replaced faster than it takes for a lettuce to rot.

    The “lame duck” PM has steered the economy into a right royal mess after just one month at the helm.

    Now Ladbrokes is offering the chance to be quids-in on decent odds that she’ll be gone in 35 days – the time it takes a lettuce to decay.

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    To follow the race in real-time, we've set up our very own 'lettuce-cam' so you can see the vegetable go bad in real time. To check it out, just watch the YouTube video below – it all starts at 9am.

    It comes as the PM is under huge pressure to U-turn on her £43billion tax cuts.

    And there were hints last night she may do just that.

    Former home secretary Priti Patel suggested the Government could to ditch a hike in corporation tax be forced into a reversal.

    She told Sky News: “Market forces will probably dictate some of these changes now.”

    An unnamed Tory aide said the PM was “already a lame duck” but “doesn’t seem to compute how bad the situation is”.

    MPs are already worrying about the next set of economic announcements.

    One said: “It’s a bit like asking the gas engineer who has just blown up your house to come back and have another go.”

    And polling expert Sir John Curtice says Truss is as unpopular as former Tory PM John Major was after Black Wednesday – when Britain crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

    He said: “Liz Truss is now deeply unpopular.

    “She is more unpopular than Boris Johnson was at the worst period of his premiership, which was in the middle of January this year when the partygate scandal was at its height.

    “She’s got two problems.

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    “One is she isn’t really liked. Her personality is not one that warms to the general public.

    “And, secondly, now she is regarded as incompetent.”

    But one supportive minister said: “Those MPs who are undermining her should shut their cake holes and give her the chance she deserves. I’m sick of them.”

    The Daily Star says…

    What's the difference between Liz Truss and the Titanic?

    One sank just weeks after starting out, coming second to an iceberg.

    And the other is the Titanic.

    It’s certainly not looking good for the Prime Minister. In just 39 days she has terrified the markets, plunged millions into mortgage misery and seen the pound slump to near-record lows.

    We wonder if she will hang around in Downing Street for longer than it takes for a wet lettuce to decompose.

    Of course, she’s not been helped by her inept cabinet. They are starting to make Boris “Bozo” Johnson’s clown brigade look like they knew what they were doing.

    Sneering posh boys like Jacob Rees-Mogg are trying to talk down to us, claiming the economic crisis is not related to the mini-budget.

    That kind of waffle may have worked in the Eton common room – but we don’t buy it.

    So the clock begins today on what comes first.

    Will it be Liz’s tenure at No.10 ­coming to an end, or the Daily Star lettuce rotting away?


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