William and Kate follow Queen’s ‘strict rules’ when travelling on royal trips

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always pack a black outfit with them on every trip for one important reason.

Recently Prince William and Kate Middleton have been taking more royal trips on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 94-year-old is known to be one of the most travelled royals, however, she is now passing on the baton to the younger generation of royals.

With their increasing travels, future king William and Kate have to follow a certain set of rules and protocols while travelling.

According to royal insiders, these start from the moment the plane hits the tarmac and the “cabin doors open”, writes Express.co.uk.

In a Channel 5 documentary titled Secrets of the Royal Flight, experts explain: “The royal wheels have hit the tarmac in over 100 different countries and from the moment the cabin doors open the pomp and splendour of a grand royal arrival begins.”

The Royal Family members must put on something of a “show” according to royal reporter Emily Andrews.

Speaking in the documentary, she said: “After all, it is kind of pageantry. It almost a show they are putting on so that grand entrance is very very important.”

Royal photographer Ian Pelham Turner also described the theatrics of the moment Royal Family members descent from the royal plane.

However, he explained it is for a vital reason and sets the stage for the duration of their visit.

“It is theatre. Everybody is there. Everybody is positioned,” he said.

“The red carpet is looking perfect. They look perfect.

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“Everybody feels important and it makes the royal family look very very special as well.”

Throughout the tour, though, there are plenty of other royal protocols passed down from the Queen to the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

This includes ensuring they have specific types of clothing packed in their suitcase.

In fact, some rules even begin before the royals have even reached the airport.

“When packing for a trip it is protocol that they typically pack an all-black outfit,” explained royal expert Anne Chertoff told Express.co.uk

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“If there’s a sudden or unexpected death and they need to attend a funeral or appear in mourning it’s important to have the clothes they need to wear.”

Indeed, this was a lesson her Majesty learned the hard way and has since passed on to her children and grandchildren so that they may never be caught in a similar situation.

“When Queen Elizabeth II was travelling with Prince Philip in 1952 she learned that her father, King George VI had died and she didn’t have a black outfit in her luggage,” explained Ms Chertoff.

For the Royal Family, the mourning process is not one that is done behind closed doors, and Her Majesty faced a sea of photographers and media upon her arrival back into the UK from South Africa.

“When she landed back in London she had to wait for an aide to bring her a black outfit to wear as she disembarked the plane because she was in mourning.

“To ensure that no one else is left without the proper attire in the event a family member passes away while they’re travelling, a black outfit is packed in everyone’s luggage.

“Therefore, they are seen in mourning attire, a sign of respect for the person who has passed away.”

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