Woman, 31, told to go to A&E after forgetting what day of the week it was

A woman who was told to go to A&E after she had a "funny turn" and forgot what day it was turned out to have a deadly brain tumour.

Zara Taylor, 31, said she first thought something may be wrong when her eyes started flickering uncontrollably, after a gynaecological operation last year.

The NHS clerk said that after suffering from three seizures out of the blue, she was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2021, as reported by LancsLive.

Zara, from Blackpool, said: "On 15 December 2020, I had a minor gynaecological procedure under general anaesthetic.

"A couple of days later, I was sitting on my bed, when my eyes started flickering and I couldn’t keep them open.

"At first, I thought I may have been having a 'funny turn' after the operation but when I realised that I didn’t know what day of the week it was, I rang Jordan, who was at work.

"He called his mum, Pam, and she came over to find me sitting at the bottom of the stairs. I had no recollection of what had just happened."

After calling 111, she was told to go to hospital but later sent home after blood tests.

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While getting ready to go out on New Year’s Day, she suffered another seizure.

Zara said: "All of a sudden, I fell into the dog bed. At first, Jordan thought I was joking around but soon realised I was having a seizure and I was taken to hospital by ambulance."

She was sent home but in January 2021, Zara suffered a third seizure, which finally led to a CT scan. This was followed by an MRI, revealing a 52-millimetre brain tumour.

Less than a month later, she had life-saving surgery to remove it.

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Zara was discharged two days after her eight-hour operation, but her brain tumour journey wasn't over.

But 10 days later when Zara went to get the results from her biopsy her doctor Mr Phang delivered the bad news that her tumour was high-grade and that she would need radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

She said: "Jordan and I were in utter shock; we just stared at the walls, not able to comprehend what we were hearing."

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On 15 March, Zara began a six-week course of radiotherapy and concurrent chemo.

Zara is due to finish her chemo in the autumn and continues to have quarterly scans to check the status of her tumour.

She said: "I try not to think too much about the seriousness of my diagnosis and don’t let negative thoughts creep into my head."

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