Woman convinced photo shows Bigfoot – or she’s been ‘expertly pranked’

A woman with a remote camera set in the woods around a mountain thinks she has captured images of the elusive Bigfoot.

Carolyn Day posted the images in a Facebook group that platforms photos taken on trails in Washington state in the US.

"I just checked my camera that is deep in the woods behind Mount Si in the Snoqualmie Valley…either there is a sasquatch in the area or I'm being expertly pranked," Carolyn said.

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The picture shows sun splitting the trees as a large hairy figure walks in the woods.

Some thought it was quite simply a man, but others seemed to think that it could well be the mythical creature.

One detailed response came from a woman called Susan who said she has seen the beast herself.

She wrote on a screengrab of the original Facebook post over on Instagram: "Wow so many negative Nancys! I have seen Sasquatchs before. I will mention some things that are correct according to what I have seen.

"The curve of the calve & the way it bends from the knee, the length of the arm, the way the head hair sticks out over the shoulder hair, (not a seam) both skin & hair on face, deep set eyes! Looks real to me!!"

However, another person wasn't convinced even after Susan's detailed breakdown.

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"The suit needs to be taken in a little around the calves and waist," the man wrote.

The news comes as a massive Bigfoot fan told the Star that protecting the environment helps to save the giant beast from extinction.

Cryptozoology researcher and author Andy McGrath believes elusive wild forest-dwellers could die out before we've even discovered them if urbanisation continues at such a rapid pace.

"Could Bigfoot's former geographic dominance have been hampered by the growing industrialisation of the nations in which it once lived," Andy asked.

To combat such risks of endangering species not even confirmed to be real by scientists, Andy would like to see legislation introduced on the off chance Bigfoot needs a tougher line of defence.

Bigfoot enthusiast Andy added: "I propose introducing an act in parliament called 'The Unknown Species Act'. I think that its a noble cause that can be shared across the zoological spectrum of known and unknown fauna and flora."


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