Woman gets free Currys fridge after testing if it holds Irn-Bru bottle in store

A woman who checked if a Currys fridge could hold a giant bottle of Irn-Bru was given the appliance for free to kit out her first home.

Abby Trainor, 30, filmed a video with boyfriend William Dennison at the Kingsgate Retail Park branch checking if the Irn-Bru and a four-pint bottle of milk could fit in the fridge, The Daily Record reported.

The clip filmed by a blushing William went viral – and was noticed by bosses at Currys PC World.

A staff member tweeted a reply to the original tweet offering the appliance for free.

They wrote: "Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to storing the essentials!

"How about we get that fridge for you?"

Welder William tagged Abby in the tweet and they gratefully accepted the chain tech firm's offer.

He wrote: "Abby Trainor, get the receipt handy." Girlfriend Abby then wrote back: "We would absolutely love that @curryspcworld thank you".

They added praying and laughing emojis.

Currys were quick to accept their wishes, putting into action the generous gesture.

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They wrote: "As new homeowners, you’ve probably got a long old list of tech you want to kit out your house with, so I’m sure we can help out there!

"Perhaps a washing machine to get any Irn-Bru stains out?

"Check your DMs & we’ll sort you out with some amazing tech."

Finance administrator Abby and William are set to move into their first home later this month.

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Irn-Bru even replied to the conversation: "Someone with their priorities straight".

Though the iconic Scottish brand didn't take part in the gifting, many observed that Currys PC World was being patriotic by rewarding Abby's Irn-Bru purchase.

Abby and William can now repay the favour by stocking their fridge full of the drink.

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