Woman lived with her 80-year-old mum’s decomposing corpse for over a year

A woman who hadn't left home since the start of the pandemic lived with the decomposing corpse of her mum for over a year.

Officers were called to the property after neighbours of the San Francisco Bay Area house reported a vast accumulation of packages on the front porch.

The Petaluma Police Department (PPD) responded to perform a welfare check on the resident and discovered the California woman had lived for more than a year with the decomposing corpse of an octogenarian whom she claimed was her mother, authorities said.

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The discovery was made on August 23, with Sonoma County Sheriff’s coroner identifying the deceased woman as 80-year-old Birgit Almgren on September 2.

According to an initial press release, neighbours told police, Almgren hadn’t been seen for “several weeks,” at least.

“It was reported, approximately 20-30 packages were stacked on the porch, and no one would answer the door when attempts were made by neighbours,” the PPD said.

“Upon arrival, officers also made numerous attempts to contact the resident which were unsuccessful.”

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Police then gained entry to the home, they said, and “located a deceased female inside the living room area of the home and a second adult female in a bedroom who claimed to be the decedent’s daughter.”

Due to the “advanced stages of decomposition” of the corpse, police determined that Almgren had been dead for more than a year.

“The adult female contacted inside the residence cooperated with officers and confirmed the victim had died of natural causes in April of 2021,” the NPD release explained.

In identifying the woman, however, the coroner had yet to identify her exact cause of death, and now criminal investigators are conducting a “suspicious death” inquiry, according to San Francisco-based MyNetworkTV affiliate KRON.

PPD Lieutenant Jeremy Walsh told the TV station detectives will look into the daughter’s “actions or inactions which could have contributed to her deterioration and ultimate death.”

Police believe the daughter herself did not leave the house since stay-at-home warnings were issued by the Sonoma County Health Officer in the county’s initial efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of March 2020.


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