Woman sparks debate for showing her pet turkey how she cooks Thanksgiving meal

A woman has stirred debate when a video showed her pet turkey looking at her Thanksgiving meal in the oven.

Katie Byers, from Ohio in US, takes care different animals in the farm including a few turkeys.

She posted a video on TikTok today showing one of the turkeys, Big Red, walking around in her house before it discovered a dead turkey being cooked in the oven.

"What you doing bub?" Katie asks while watching Big Red looking into half-opened oven. "It’s okay, you don’t know him.'

The video has racked up 36 million views and many viewers said the bird looked flabbergasted.

One said: "You're just going to cook his homie in front of him?"

"I'm not a vegan but videos like that make me want to become one," a second penned and a third added: "Come on, don't do that.

"It's still kind of sad and mean to be showing him that. I get you want to be funny but come in even for an animal, it is mean."

Katie, however, has a different thinking to it and stressed that Big Red did not get traumatised.

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"It's okay to feel sad," she answered in the comments. "If it helps, that's a store bought turkey and Big Red wanted to eat it.

"Turkeys are curious, but have no concept of ovens. He was mad I wouldn't let him eat it."

Other viewers sided with Katie and said people were overreacted.

A viewer blasted: "The same people saying that's wrong and cruel are the same people who are going to be eating Turkey and Ham later."

Another wrote: "I can't get over how many people were mad about this."

"I think it's kind of funny. I see the humour in it," a third pointed out.

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