Woman splashes out extra £100k on perfect home for spoiled sausage dog

A woman has moved house for her spoilt sausage dog and spends more on his haircuts than her own.

Em Mathews, 33, splurged an extra £100,000 on a ground-floor apartment so her beloved Alan.

He now has more room to play outside and the new place came with a scrap of garden space.

The quest to make their new pad in Stamford Hill, north London, perfect for Alan didn't stop there for Em and her partner Benjamin, 33.

They have also re-configured their storage cupboard specifically to store Alan's 30kg bag of dog food, which costs £60 each.

And entrepreneur Em, who puts five-year-old Alan's needs to the top of the shelf admits she spends more on his £65 haircuts than her own.

Em, from Archway, north London, said: "Alan is pretty spoilt – he knows his own mind.

"He gets haircuts more often than I do and he's hand stripped so it costs upwards of £65 each time, whereas I go on a discount site to get one for a lot less.

"I've also basically spent an extra £100,000 for a dog toilet because our new flat has a little garden.

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"He was a big motivating factor in deciding to move because we wanted to have somewhere where we can open a door to let him run outside in the evenings.

"Spending the extra money is worth it for Alan's sake."

Em and Benjamin moved in July and began to make the flat more Alan-friendly, starting by blocking off gaps in the garden so his toys don't get stuck and cause him distress.

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The couple bulk-order Alan's food at 30kgs each time, so decided to dedicate and transform the cupboard under the stairs to fit it – after multiple trips and hours of research to find the perfect size Tupperware to store it.

They are also planning to build a special little nook for Alan's dog basket – despite the spoilt pooch often worming his way into their human bed.

Em said: "Alan is a big part of our lives and relationship so his needs are very important to us.

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"My friends and family are big pet lovers and so they totally get it.

"They do laugh when I say I moved flats and spent extra money essentially for a dog toilet."

It comes as new research from pet insurance provider Bought By Many revealed 41 per cent of owners actually prioritise their pets needs over their own when looking for a new home.

And 26 per cent of Brits trust their pet's sniff of approval, more than their own or their partners.

Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist, said: "Just like moving to a new house, pet ownership is a long-term commitment so it's no surprise that many owners are looking for features like private outside space to be able to enjoy quality time together.

"However, involving your pet in the house moving process can provide therapeutic comfort by reducing anxiety and activating mood-boosting hormones. They also provide a sense of routine which could help alleviate some of the emotional stress".

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