Woman tricked boyfriend inside suitcase ‘but zipped it up then left him to die’

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly zipped her boyfriend up inside a suitcase and left him to die.

Sarah Boone, 42, told police she and Jorge Torres Jr were playing hide and seek on Monday at her home outside Orlando, Florida after the two had been drinking.

She claims they agreed it would be funny if Mr Torres, also 42, climbed into a blue suitcase as part of the game.

She says she then forgot that he was trapped inside and fell asleep, waking hours later when her phone started ringing.

When she unzipped the suitcase she found Mr Torres unresponsive and not breathing. She called 911 and police arrived at the scene only to find him dead.

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Officers said Mr Torres had a cut on his lip and bruising around his eye.

They retrieved two videos from Boone's phone that seemed to show her taunting her boyfriend while he was stuck in the suitcase.

Local TV station WKMG reports in one video, Boone could be heard laughing as Mr Torres called her name and said he couldn't breathe.

"Yeah that's what you do when you choke me," she said.

He continued to yell that he couldn't breathe but she kept mocking him.

"That's on you," she reportedly said. "Oh, that's what I feel like when you cheat on me."

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Boone reportedly also replied to her boyfriend's pleas for help by saying: "For everything you've done to me. F**k you."

One video shows the suitcase facing down and moving as Mr Torres pushed from inside trying to get out. A second shows the suitcase in a different position.

Deputies told WKMG they decided to arrest Boone after discovering "inconsistencies" between her account of what happened and what was captured in the videos.

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