Woman who lost teeth claims she was sacked from job over ‘perfect smile policy’

An woman says she lost her job due to a violation of her store's "smile policy".

Rose Marie Counts, from Ohio, said her job at a Sheetz convenience store became untenable as her teeth meant she would no longer be working there.

She admitted that her abusive ex-husband knocked out her front teeth as she posted a message on Facebook detailing her experience with management at the store and what led to her departure.

She wrote: “I was informed that policy states all Sheetz employees must have and remain with a perfect beautiful warm welcoming smile.

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“The company defines my smile as unbeautiful because I still have work that needs to be done on them,” she wrote, saying that her insurance would not pay for temporary dentures while she awaits permanent ones.

"So even though I am good at my job I can no longer be a frontline employee with the company because of my smile,” she said.

Alongside the post online, Counts included audio of the meeting she had with her manager as she shared her personal story.

“This company has no idea what I’ve been through. I lost these front teeth because my ex-husband headbutted me because I forgot to turn the hall light out,” Counts said.

“It’s legit, it’s a bad experience that happened in my life that I’m still trying to …,” she said, as she paused after the retelling of her painfully sad story.

After a pause, her manager said “that’s fine” — Despite her manager saying she had heard "wonderful things" about her from customers, Counts was told that she would have to "seek other employment".

Counts was heard responding by saying: “I feel like my job performance should be enough — I don’t feel like I should have to justify myself because of my looks."

After Counts said the encounter made her not want to be associated with Sheetz, her manager said: “I really am sorry that that’s the way you feel about us."

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Following the controversy, Sheetz's PR manager Nick Ruffner said: “Our hearts go out to Rose".

“Rose is a valued asset to the Sheetz family and we look forward to continuing this conversation with her.”


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