Women kick flatmate out by clearing out her stuff as she missed ‘3 months’ rent’

Two women have devised a plan to take revenge on her flatmate who allegedly didn't pay rent for three months.

TikToker Lud Wid, who lives in Houston, Texas in US, spent a "girls night" with her friend to clear out her flatmate's belongings and even booked a moving service for her.

She wrote on the video: "Kicking out your roommate and sending her stuff back to her parents because she hasn't paid rent in three months."

The pair are seen changing locks on the room door and putting clothes and beddings into garbage bags while leaving furniture bare.

They also book a man and van service while they are having their dinner.

In another video, she uploads part two of the "eviction", showing the movers removing the furniture and items from their apartment.

The room looks completely empty as they pack up everything onto the truck.

She also uploads pictures of the furniture left on a pavement in front of what appears to be the flatmate's parents' house.

Her decision has stirred a discussion online but Lud said she had given a notice to her now ex-flatmate.

She wrote: "If we were nice enough to move her things just to her parents' house, wouldn't you think we have extended that same 'niceness' to give a notice?

"Also if she was to sue for anything, that is okay. We face our responsibilities gladly! And to those concerned, there was no cat, just the cat tree."

Some agreed with her decision and said she was more than "gracious" than others.

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One said: "One month gets leniency, two a warning, three you're done. I agree with what they did completely."

Another viewer wrote: "You were way more gracious than I would have been. And she got free moving service, I would've put it in the lawn."

But some said it is not "legal" to do if they were all renting the place and it's on the landlord to decide.

"'Wrongful eviction' law only applies to landlords doing this, not roommates," a viewer added.

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