Workers taking sickies using coronavirus as excuse warned they’ll get caught

Shameless staff are being warned not to use coronavirus as an excuse to take a two-week sick leave, as they are likely to get caught.

The warning comes after doctors advised anyone experiencing symptoms of the disease or who has visited a country where it is widespread to stay at home for two weeks.

Will Walsh, partner a DMH Stallard and employment expert, said: "Workers taking a sickie is always a risk. Certain people will use a bout of something going round as an excuse to take time off.

"But there is a catch – they cannot leave the house for two weeks. No popping to the pub with mates, no playing in the park with their kids and certainly no holiday."

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"With social media so prevalent, anyone faking it will almost certainly get found out.

"Even if they don't post themselves, they are likely to get tagged by a family member or friend.

"You have to remember that the people who do this kind of thing – fake illnesses to time off work – often aren't the smartest anyway.

"Over a couple of days they often get caught – two weeks is a certainty unless they are very disciplined.

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It was recently announced all UK classrooms and public transport would be closed if the virus becomes a pandemic.

Anyone who in the last two weeks has come back from Iran, specific lockdown areas in northern Italy, certain parts of South Korea and Hubei Province in China is being asked to stay indoors, call NHS111 and avoid contact with other people, even if they do not have symptoms.

Despite advice from Public Health England (PHE) and the Department for Education that schools should stay open, two schools closed completely for deep-cleaning after pupils returned from half-term ski trips to Italy.

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Mr Walsh added: "There is a difference between using the excuse to tag one or two days on a weekend – to saying I have coronavirus and I need to be off for two weeks or more.

"Having to be off that long – and staying in the whole time – is not easy or fun.

"That will put lots of people off, although someone people may thing – fantastic, I don't need to be ill. I just say I was exposed to someone so I should stay away and get a full fortnight off."

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