WW3 fears as Poland locates ‘possible Russian missile’ fired into NATO territory

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    A missile that could have been fired by Russia has been found in Poland – a NATO country – sparking World War Three fears.

    In December last year, a missile was tracked by Polish jets but tracking of it was lost.

    However, authorities now suspect they might now have found the missing weapon in a forest, some 15km away from the central city of Bydgoszcz.

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    It is believed to be an air-to-ground missile potentially of Russian origin, although the details of this remain to be verified by investigators.

    There is no confirmation yet that the missile did in fact come from Russia.

    Poland’s District Prosecutor's Office in Gdańsk has launched an investigation into the discovery.

    Polskie Radio reports the missile is believed to be a KH-555 cruise missile which carried a dummy warhead.

    Visegrád 24 reported on Twitter that Russian forces have throughout the war used dummy missiles to try and overwhelm Ukranian air defences.

    Discovered on April 25, The New Voice of Ukraine reports that the missile has Russian inscriptions on it.

    Polish police said in a statement: "The situation does not threaten the safety of residents.

    “Police officers, military officers, and sappers are investigating the site.”

    Indications that the missile could be of Russian origin sparks concern that Poland could invoke Article 5 of NATO’s Washington Treaty, which rules on responsibilities of collective defence among members of the treaty.

    Polish commander General Roman Polko has noted that his country’s MiG-29 fighters also carry Soviet missiles and it could potentially be from a training exercise.

    Operational commander of Polish armed forces Lieutenant General Tomasz Piotrowski said on Friday (April 28): "Intensive investigations, checks, intensive dialogue between various institutions are underway."

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