WWE Champ Bobby Lashley says he’ll be in legend Goldberg’s position in ten years

Bobby Lashley says his WWE title reign is the real deal – and will help him come back and dominate as a part-time performer in a decade’s time.

Lashley currently holds arguably WWE’s most prestigious male title and has done for several months since dethroning Drew McIntyre – via the Miz – earlier this year.

He consolidated the win a mammoth successful defence against McIntyre at WrestleMania and has looked virtually unstoppable since then.

In a modern era where title reigns in wrestling can often be ten a penny, a lengthy, dominant stint with the gold has certainly helped propel Lashley to the upper echelons of the industry.

He heads into SummerSlam this weekend and is highly fancied to edge past the challenge of Goldberg, arguably WCW’s most dominant champion ever.

Lashley told Daily Star Online that sees himself as a fully established as champ rather than simply one of many.

“You’re exactly right, when I first won the title, this was my biggest thing,” he said, referring to short-term title reigns.

“It was one of those things, a number of guys had held the title for such a short period of time.

“They were in and out and you can’t even remember them as a champion.

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“Going into WrestleMania, Drew was coming hard and I had one of two things to do; I could lose to Drew and become one of those forgotten champions, or I can beat Drew and become established.

“I think that’s what it was. When I beat Drew, it established me as one of the top tier guys.”

Veteran Goldberg, now 54, is back in WWE as a part-time performer, returning on a fairly regular basis to challenge the champion of the day for the title.

That divides opinion between those who feel others are more deserving of a top-tier spot, and those who believe his incredible history entitles him to have precisely that.

Tantalisingly, Lashley admitted he plans on doing exactly the same, saying he sees himself in Goldberg’s position in years to come.

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He added: “You have guys like Goldberg and have some of these guys who come back here and there and challenge for the title.

“I am gonna be one of those guys. When I’m retired, whether it’s five, six, seven years down the road, I’ll be able to be one of those guys who can come back and go after that title again.

“That’s the thing for me, having the ability to come back afterwards – because I’ve established myself now as a true champion.

“Ten years from now you’ll see me come in, you’ll hear that Hurt Business music and see me and MVP walk out there and it’ll be ‘Oh s****! Here it comes, he’s back!’”

WWE SummerSlam airs this Saturday night, airing in the UK on BT Sport Box Office and WWE Network. For more details visit wwe.com

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